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Solid Color Decorative Pails

Solid color, galvanized metal decorative pails available in 2, 5, 10 & 16 quart sizes with 14 colors to choose from. These colored buckets are ideal for crafts, gift baskets, or decorative arrangements. Fill them with candies, dried or plastic flowers or gifts for a shower, house warming party, table decoration or as a door prize. These pails are great for kid's crafts or projects! With your imagination and our Solid Color Decorative Pails the possibilities are endless. These pails are not watertight.
All of our Solid Color Decorative Pails are available in single, case pack, wholesale and pallet quantities.
Call for information and pricing on wholesale and pallet quantities.
Single Price
Case Pack Price
Pails in Case Pack
Pictures of available colors are 2 quart buckets.
Enhance your decorative pail with a lid (sold separately, 2 quart and 5 quart sizes only).
Candy Apple Red Pail
Orange Peel Pail
Sunshine Yellow Pail
Burgundy Luster Pail
Beige Shimmer Pail

2 Qt. Red
5Qt. Red
10Qt. Red
16Qt. Red

2 Qt. Orange
5Qt. Orange
10Qt. Orange
16Qt. Orange

2 Qt. Sunshine Yellow
5Qt. Sunshine Yellow
10Qt. Sunshine Yellow
16Qt. Sunshine Yellow

2 Qt. Burgundy
5Qt. Burgundy
10Qt. Burgundy
16Qt. Burgundy

2 Qt. Beige
5Qt. Beige
10Qt. Beige
16Qt. Beige

Chocolate Brown Pail
Glossy White Pail
Electric Green Pail
Hunter Green Pail
Glossy Black Pail

2 Qt. Brown
5Qt. Brown
10Qt. Brown
16Qt. Brown

2 Qt. Glossy White
5Qt. Glossy White
10Qt. Glossy White
16Qt. Glossy White

2 Qt. Electric Green
5Qt. Electric Green
10Qt. Electric Green
16Qt. Electric Green

2 Qt. Hunter Green
5Qt. Hunter Green
10Qt. Hunter Green
16Qt. Hunter Green

2 Qt. Black
5Qt. Black
16Qt. Black

Navy Blue Luster Pail
Sky Blue Pail
Pink Radiance Pail
Purple Radiance Pail

2 Qt. Navy Blue
5Qt. Navy Blue
10Qt. Navy Blue
16Qt. Navy Blue

2 Qt. Sky Blue
5Qt. Sky Blue
10Qt. Sky Blue
16Qt. Sky Blue

2 Qt. Pink
5Qt. Pink
10Qt. Pink
16Qt. Pink

2 Qt. Purple
5Qt. Purple
10Qt. Purple
16Qt. Purple

Solid Color Decorative Pails