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Tractor Funnels
Tractor Funnels are ideal for fueling tractors, farm equipment or construction equipment. Easy pour, quick drain funnels with brass screens to filter unwanted debris.

Item #
Ball Fruit Jell Pectin
Dover DPF123 Tractor Funnel
Lock on type. Galvanized with brass screen. One gallon capacity.
Measures: 34 1/4 X 10 3/8 X 10 13/16"
2.5 lbs
S & K Products 590LX Tractor Funnel
Heavy duty galvanized steel lock on funnel with wire reinforced top rim. Welded lock on arms. Non-swirl fluted base for swift drainage. Provided with 70 mesh brass strainer screen. Six point progressive locking tabs to fit all openings. Two gallon capacity.
5 lbs

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Tractor Funnels