100 Uses For Galvanized Buckets

You need a galvanized bucket you can count on. A bucket that's durable, dependable and will last your lifetime of getting the job done. We love galvanized pails because they're an old fashioned secret - quality work and utility buckets you can use for anything. Here's a list of 100 things they're good for. have more? send them to us - erica@redhillgeneralstore.com

  1. Picking corn in a pail
  2. Watering horses
  3. Pail for mopping and chores
  4. Collecting black walnuts in the woods

    walnuts in white metal bucket
  5. Draining fluids from farm equipment
  6. Storing soap and mop
  7. Picking ginseng
  8. Carrying eggs
  9. Picking grapes
  10. Milking cows
  11. Carrying milk bottles
  12. Collecting berries

    berry picking pail

    blueberries in small galvanized bucket
  13. Feeding Cows
  14. Bailing Water
  15. Lunch Pail
  16. Fencing Staple Container
  17. Picking up rocks
  18. Use as the head of your scarecrow
  19. Feeding Dogs
  20. Carrying Medicine
  21. Collecting tomatoes
  22. Kick it, instead of the dog.
  23. Mouse Trap bucket
  24. Collecting apples

    apple picking in metal buckets
  25. Calling animals
  26. Filling sprayers
  27. Picking apples
  28. Catch the water leaking from the roof.
  29. Picking flowers
  30. Picking up rusty nails
  31. Spreading seed
  32. Collecting pinecones
  33. Picking up chestnuts
  34. Washing the tractor
  35. Put grass in it when weeding the garden
  36. Wash the dog with it
  37. Feeding cattle minerals
  38. Picking cherries
  39. Start seeds before they can be planted outside

    seed starting in galvanized buckets
  40. Carrying tools
  41. Ash Bucket
  42. Feeding chickens

    feeding chickens with galvanized bucket

    galvanized farm bucket
  43. Scrap Bucket
  44. Claim it as a dependant on your taxes.
  45. Manure bucket
  46. Feeding cats
  47. Picking lemons
  48. Japanese beetle trap bucket
  49. Animal feed storage
  50. Keep up with the tie downs in your pickup by putting them in a bucket.
  51. Nuts and bolts bucket
  52. Collecting potatoes or cabbage from the garden

    cabbage in a galvanized tub
  53. Seat
  54. Charcoal storage
  55. Digging turnips
  56. Bin when picking up trash
  57. Collecting kindling from the forest and storing wood by the fire

    wood in metal tub
  58. Picking strawberries
  59. Picking up mushrooms
  60. Trash can , waste bin
  61. Retrieving water from the well or spring

    galvanized metal water bucket
  62. Put it out to collect rain water
  63. Soak your feet in it.
  64. Poke holes in the bottom and use it to catch fish
  65. Save your change in it while saving for a bigger galvanized bucket.
  66. Dog water bowl

    pet water bucket
  67. Keep rock salt in it beside your front door in case it snows
  68. Scrub the show animals
  69. Attach it to the headache rack of your flatbed pickup truck to keep small items from falling off
  70. Make your own homemade stand-up bass for your bluegrass band.
  71. Collect native seeds in it
  72. Wash animal health devices in it.
  73. Serve drinks in

    metal drink tub
  74. Mix concrete in a bucket
  75. Use it to pour on fly repellent for livestock
  76. Use it to soak infected feet for cattle.
  77. MIx paint in it
  78. Put your screws in it when making barn repairs.
  79. Use it for a “catch all” junk bucket.
  80. Pick carrots
  81. Put sand in a bucket to use it as a weight for holding large tents in place.
  82. Fill it a bucket with concrete to use as a boat anchor.
  83. Take it snipe hunting.
  84. Use it to organize small items in your truck toolbox.
  85. Use as a catch holder when you go fishing
  86. Store seeds

    storage buckets yellow and purple metal
  87. Wash clothes in
  88. Coal storage
  89. Raccoon/bear protection from things left outside.
  90. Place them over crops for frost protection
  91. Store ropes and chain
  92. Poke holes in it and use as a minnow trap.
  93. Emergency shovel
  94. Cistern
  95. Chamber pot. (Just don’t mix up your cistern bucket and chamber pot.)
  96. Step stool.
  97. Small water filtration unit
  98. Camp stove
  99. Game feeder
  100. Put your valuables in a bucket. (Who would look there?!?!?)
  101. Storing small bathroom items

    bathroom buckets small

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