How To Clean Galvanized Metal

Cleaning galvanized buckets are the best way to insure they last.

For everyday dirt and mud, choose a solution of clean potable water, water based soap and a soft, clean towel to gently remove dirt or any other debris from the surface of the bucket.

Cleaning Galvanized Metal

If you want to powerwash galvanized metal, the blast pressure should be less than 1450 psi to prevent damage to the galvanized coating. Read more about how long galvanized steel lasts.

If this method doesn't remove the soiled area, try using a plastic bristled brush and an oil. We've used WD40 and a scrubbing pad to take off black marks. Use this method with caution because you'll actually remove part of the galvanized metal coating if you scrub too hard. Avoid using any metal bristle brush as it will remove the galvanized coating altogether.

Make sure to dry the clean bucket or tub and let it air dry.

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