Square Galvanized Tub

Large Square Galvanized Tub

Galvanized Square Tub Square Galvanized Tub
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Height: 11 1/8 inch
Top Width: 20 1/2 inch
Bottom Width: 17 inch

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Large Galvanized Square Tub



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These hot-dipped square galvanized tubs feature a reinforced rim, body swedges, and an offset bottom to enhance durability. Their hot-dipped spangled metal finish makes them perfect for outdoor use, and they are guaranteed to be watertight, so they can be easily filled with ice to supply up to 48 standard drinks for your next outdoor cookout, wedding, or event. Square galvanized wash tubs can also be used to carry garden tools, weeds, and anything else to make working in the yard easier, and they can be left outside for years without rusting. Manufactured to last generations these square hot-dipped galvanized steel tubs easily last 70 years or more. Tub finish is rough. May have sharp edges.

Note: This item ships with the manufacturer label. Remove label with a hair dryer to leave no sticky residue.

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Your order ships same day if ordered before 2 pm EST Monday-Friday to arrive anywhere in the Contiguous United States within two to seven business days of our receiving your order. This item may be shipped to Canada, Alaska, Puerto Rico and Hawaii and arrives within eight to fourteen days.

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Customer Reviews
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15 gal. square tub
Sherry Roddy
I have an antique 15 gallon, 21" x 21" galvanized tub on a stand and want a lid for it.
You have any?
Posted at 5:13:pm 12/01/18
I wanted a big galvanized tub for my yard and the square looks perfect! Excellent quality. Received in 2 days to North Carolina1
Posted at 4:44:pm 04/17/18



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