Beige Decorative Metal Buckets

Our broad selection of beige metal buckets encompasses many sizes and styles. Their beige finish makes them perfect for baby shower gift baskets, or anything else that requires their simple, classic color. Peacefully brighten any room with these off-white powder painted metal pails. Beige blends well with all other hues and tones. Beige pails are just right for making centerpieces and party favors! You might also like our copper buckets, black buckets, blue buckets, white buckets, and red buckets.

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Beige Metal Pail
2 Quart
5.75 " tall

Item #: A13670

Beige Bucket
5 quart
7" tall

Item #: Osk5bs

Large Beige Metal Bucket
9" tall

Item #: A13668

Large Beige Round Tub
15" tall

Item #: A13669

Mini Beige Pail
3 7/16" tall

Item #: ORHBY401CR

Beige Mini Tub

3" tall

Item #: ORHBY171CR