Purple Decorative Metal Buckets

Choose any shade, style, or size, from our wide selection of purple buckets, pails and tubs. The lavender colored buckets are perfect for making creative Easter baskets, or for using as party favors at a springtime party. The decorations you can create reach only as far as your dreams. Organise your space with our huge selection of purple pails. Plant green herbs and flowers in these purple buckets for a bright container garden. You might also like our selection of pink buckets, green buckets, blue buckets, white buckets, and yellow buckets.

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Purple Metal Bucket
2 Quart
5.75" tall

Item #: A13721

Purple Metal Bucket
5 Quart
7" tall

Item #: Osk5pur

Purple Metal Bucket
10 Quart
9" tall

Item #: A13719

Purple Metal Bucket
16 Quart
15" tall

Item #: A13720

Purple Party Favor Pails
2.125 " tall

Item #: Orhby361PRP

Purple Metal Bucket with Wooden Handle
7.1 " tall

Item #: ORHBY091PRP

12 Chevron Pails In 4 Colors
3 Sets of pink, green, blue, purple pails
3" tall

Item #: Obo13629789x12c

Purple Metal Bucket
4" tall

Item #: ORHBY031PRP

Purple Centerpiece Pail
5.5" tall

Item #: Orhby081prp