Burgundy Decorative Metal Buckets

Largest selection of burgundy metal pails and buckets. Quick shipping from Virginia. In stock. Showcase your school sprit or favorite season with these exquisite Burgundy buckets, pails and tubs. Add warmth to any room with these stylish pails. Interior decoration, tubs for beverages and DIY crafts has never been easier these classic burgundy containers! Their deep burgundy finish matches with classic home decor while still adding a little bit of color. Pick whatever suits your needs and use them to decoratively organize a desk or bookshelf. We also offer red buckets, pink buckets, and black buckets!

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Wholesale Pricing Available. Call for Details.

Burgundy Centerpiece Bucket
Burgundy Metal Bucket
2 Quart
5.75" tall
Out of Stock
Item #: A13674
Burgundy Simple Bucket
Burgundy Metal Bucket
5 Quart
7" tall
Out of Stock
Item #: Osk5bl
Burgundy Painted 10 Quart Pail
Burgundy Metal Bucket
10 Quart
9" tall
Out of Stock
Item #: A13672
16 Quart Burgundy Ice Tub
Burgundy Round Tub
8 1/4" tall
Out of Stock
Item #: A13673



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