Yellow Decorative Metal Buckets

Everyday can be a bright sunny day with our large selection of yellow metal buckets, pails and tubs! Instantly add color and warmth to any setting with one of these yellow pails. Pick an attractively finished yellow bucket from our amazing selection of sizes and styles. Their bright yellow finish makes them perfect for Easter and spring decorations, summertime displays, and anything else that can bring light and joy to your home. The possibilities are endless! You might also like our selection of pink buckets, blue buckets, purple buckets and green buckets.

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Yellow Metal Bucket
2 Quart
5.75" tall
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Item #: A13731

Yellow Metal Bucket
5 Quart
7" tall
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Item #: Osk5sy

Yellow Metal Bucket
10 Quart
9" tall
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Item #: A13727

Yellow Metal Bucket
16 Quart
15" tall
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Item #: A13726

Yellow Metal Bucket
4" tall
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Item #: ORHBY031GY

Yellow Centerpiece Pail
5.5" tall
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Item #: Orhby081GY

Yellow Metal Bucket with Wooden Handle
7.1 " tall
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Item #: Orhby091GY
yellow metal vintage bucket
Yellow Metal Pail With Handle
8.5" tall
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Gold Small Flower Bucket
Gold Small Flower Bucket
4 1/8" tall
not weater resistant
not made with corrosion/weather resistant metal - handwash only - allow to dry thoroughly
not completely watertight
Paint Coating helps to hold water but not watertight, additional sealing maybe required to create a watertight seal
Out of Stock
Item #: Orhby411GLD