Beige Decorative Metal Buckets

Wide selection of beige metal buckets, small pails and tubs for beverages, decorations, storage, gifts and more! Peacefully brighten any room with these off-white powder painted metal pails. Beige blends well with all other hues and tones. Use a simple beige bucket for giving a nice gift, creating timeless organization, or as a centerpiece for throwing a wedding in style!

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Beige Metal Pail
2 Quart
5.75 " tall

Item #: A13670

Beige Bucket
5 quart
7" tall

Item #: Osk5bs

Large Beige Metal Bucket
9" tall

Item #: A13668

Large Beige Round Tub
15" tall

Item #: A13669

Mini Beige Pail
3 7/16" tall

Item #: ORHBY401CR

Beige Mini Tub

3" tall

Item #: ORHBY171CR