Red Metal Buckets

Looking to “Paint the town Red”? View our large selection of quality red metal pails, buckets with handles, tubs and containers for any season. You bring the soul and we'll get you the Red containers can help you express your own personal style! These containers can give a splash of color to any setting! Let your imagination run wild with these Red decorative containers!

Find red buckets for weddings, parties, bedroom decoration, sports team drink buckets, and any other event you need to carry some firey passion.

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Red Metal Bucket
2 Quart
5.75" tall

Item #: A13677

Red Metal 5 Quart Bucket
7" tall

Item #: Osk5ca

Red Metal 10 Quart Bucket
9" tall

Item #: A13675

Red Metal 16 Quart Bucket

15" tall

Item #: A13676

Red 5 Quart Colored Metal Buckets
7.125" tall

Item #: Orhby281R

Red Wooden Handle Bucket
7.125" tall

Item #: Orhby091R

Red Table Pail
5.5" tall

Item #: ORHBY081R

Red Tub
3.5" tall

Item #: Orhby181r

Tiny Red Bucket Ornament
4" tall

Item #: ORHBY401R

1960s Vintage Style Red Metal Dish
3 " tall

Item #: ORHBY461R

Red Oval Metal Tub
5 1/4" tall

Item #: ORHBY141R

Eggplant Faux Leather Bucket
7" tall

Item #: ORHBY671FE

Red Planting Pail
5" tall

Item #: Orhby431R