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Decorative Pails

Multi-use Decorative Pails in a variety of colors & prints. Printed & Holiday pails are available only in 2 quart (sand bucket size), solid colors are available in 2, 5, 10 & 16 quart size. Ideal for crafts, gift baskets, or decorative arrangements. Fill them with candies, dried or plastic flowers, or gifts for a shower, house warming party, table decoration or as a door prize. Great for kid's crafts or projects! With your imagination and our Decorative Buckets the possibilities are endless. Enhance your decorative pail with a lid (sold separately, 2 quart and 5 quart sizes only).
Please note: These pails are not guaranteed watertight.

Solid Color Decorative Pails, Colored Buckets
Solid Color Decorative Pails, Colored Buckets
Copper Painted Pail
  • Solid color metal pails
  • 2, 5, 10 & 16 quart sizes
  • 14 vibrant colors
  • lids available for 2 and 5 quart
  • 5 quart size
  • 5 solid colors
  • wooden handle
  • Unique look
  • wooden handle
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Decorative Pails