Galvanized Metal Buckets with Lids

Shop galvanized steel metal storage buckets and cans with lids are in 2 quart, 5 quart, 6 gallon and 10 gallon sizes. Quality 6 and 10 gallon metal cans with locking metal lid keeps moisture and pests out. Great for storing bird seed or animal food in your shead. Once you've havd enough of racoons, your trash and pet food will never go uncovered in a trash can again.

2 and 5 quart metal buckets with tight fitting plastic lids are available in galvanized-steel silver and 14 solid colors of the rainbow. With coloful metal storage pails like these, what clutter won't make you happy to organize? Organize kid's toys, craft supplies, closets, office spaces, bathrooms, kitchens and more with these great storage buckets for any room. Galvanized steel 2 and 5 quart buckets hold water until the zinc coating cracks, as it is expected to do so with light to heavy, depending on the type of galvanizating process. The color metal buckets are not intended to hold water. Easily seal these buckets with silicone or something similar for a water tight bucket good to carry even rotten egg kitchen scraps.

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