Galvanized Metal Buckets with Lids

Shop galvanized metal buckets with lids in the largest array of sizes and styles. Whip clutter into shape with these classic and colorful metal storage pails with lids. These buckets and lids are built with hardwearing steel and 100% made in the USA.

Our large galvanized buckets with lids are durably crafted to keep moisture and pests out. Store bird seed and goat food outside worry free. Small metal storage buckets with tight fitting plastic lids are available in two sizes and 16 fresh enamel colors.

Organize all your doodads and thingamabobs in your favorite bucket color(s). It's easy to straighten out craft supplies, closets, office spaces, toy rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens using our small buckets with lids. The colorful metal buckets are not intended to hold water. Easily seal 'em with silicone and confidently carry rotten compost across new white upholstery; if you must.

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