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Galvanized Tubs

Largest selection of affordable galvanized metal tubs, troughs and planters. Built for heavy duty use and economical buyers. Guarantee victorious laundry days and afternoon dog baths you can count on. And that's not all they're good for anymore. Classic metal wash basin styles will satisfy any chore or decor.

  • Compare ice tub styles and sizes for your party's unique look with the right amount of beverage cooling.
  • Organize and store literally anything anywhere (that's right, even outside in the rain).
  • Design both country and city landscapes with large outdoor planter troughs and classic antique metal wash tubs.

Galvanized tubs for old time baths, washing pigs, DIY carnival games, thoughtful gift baskets, festive celebration, seasonal porch decoration, kid room organization, getting crafty, making rustic table centerpieces, or as unintentional barn decorations. This line of old-fashioned galvanized wash tubs was carefully hand-picked for beauty and function by our small team in Virginia. * Galvanized steel is steel with a layer or portion of zinc coating applied that prevents rusting.

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Oval Tubs

1 Gallon Oval Tub
5 standard drinks
centerpiece pail information

2.25 Gallon Oval Tub
15 standard drinks

Item #: Obo2gltb

2 Gallon Oval Tub
14 standard drinks

Item #: C6227920

3.7 Gallon Oval Tub
21 standard drinks

Item #: Obo3gltb

4 Gallon Oval Tub
21 standard drinks

Item #: C6981880

5.5 Gallon Oval Tub
24 standard drinks

Item #: C6981906

7.5 Gallon Oval Tub
30 standard drinks

Item #: C6235568

10.5 Gallon Oval Tub
40 standard drinks

Item #: C6228423

16 Gallon Oval Tub
50 standard drinks

Item #: C6228399

Round Metal Tubs

9 Gallon Round Tub
30 standard drinks

Item #: C6231211

11 Gallon Round Tub
39 standard drinks

Item #: C6377170

11 Gallon Round Tub
39 standard drinks

Item #: C6231229
View Round Metal Tubs in 14 Solid Colors >

15 Gallon Round Tub
49 standard drinks

Item #: Obo6931281

17 Gallon Round Tub
57 standard drinks

Item #: C6931299

17 Gallon Galvanized Tub
57 standard drinks

Item #: C6231245

Large Square Tub

Item #: C6231252

1 Bushel Harvest Tub

Item #: C6463996

Beverage Tubs and Planter Tubs

Oval Beverage Tub
15 standard drinks

Item #: Orhby331
Tall Oval Tub
7 standard drinks

Item #: Orhby241

Galvanized Ice Tub
13 standard drinks

Item #: Oboicetub

Rustic Tub Planter
10 standard drinks

Item #: Orhby131

Farm Wedding Tub
6 standard drinks

Item #: Orhby201

Rustic Beverage Tub
11 standard drinks

Item #: Orhby151

Round Copper Tubs
14 standard drinks
7 standard drinks
centerpiece pail information

Antique Bronze Beverage Tub

Item #: Ouibt190v

2 Gallon Copper Tub
24 standard drinks

Item #: Obo2COV
Small Metal Tub for Plants
9 standard drinks

Item #: Orhby8781
Small Metal Tub Gift Basket
3 standard drinks

Item #: Orhby8751

Small Metal Wine Gift and Dinner Tub
4 standard drinks

Item #: Orhby311
Small Metal Tub for Plants
7 standard drinks

Item #: Orhby141
Oval Planter Tub

Item #: Orhby291
Long Oval Planter Tub

Item #: Orhby8801

Round Centerpiece Pails
Short and Tall
centerpiece pail information
Small Galvanized Wash Pan

Item #: Obowp0
Galvanized Harvest Pan

Item #: Obowp1
Galvanized Wash Basin
5" tall

Item #: Obowp2
Old Fashioned Wash Pan
5.25" tall

Item #: Obowp3
Old Galvanized Foot Pan
6" tall

Item #: Obowp4

Buckets with color and more


Galvanized Tubs: Frequently Asked Questions

Determining galvanized tub drink bottle capacity.

Tub beverage capacity is the maximum amount of standing bottles (flat on the tub's bottom). With peanuts or ice (and placing the drinks more randomly) you'll have room for more than the number of "standing bottles," especially in the larger sizes. Use beverage holding capacities as baseline numbers.

What size are the blue beverage bottles shown in each bucket?

Two size bottles were selected to illustrate bucket size. The smaller blue bottle (12.7 ounces) demonstrates a regular size beverage. The larger blue bottle (26 ounces) represents a standard wine bottle.

Are these buckets watertight?

All of our buckets are intended to hold water, unless designed with holes (like these square metal planters) to allow water to drain. It must state, however, that the bucket has been sealed to ensure water tightness. If a form of this statement does not appear your bucket is not manufactured with guaranteed water-tight seal.

Are buckets available in wholesale and bulk quantities?

All of our galvanized buckets are available in single, case pack, wholesale and pallet quantities. Call our friendly customer service in Virginia for information and pricing on wholesale and pallet quantities.

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