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Galvanized Tubs

Largest selection of affordable galvanized metal tubs, troughs and planters. Built for heavy duty use and economical buyers. Guarantee victorious laundry days and afternoon dog baths you can count on. And that's not all they're good for anymore. Classic metal wash basin styles will satisfy any chore or decor.

  • Compare ice tub styles and sizes for your party's unique look with the right amount of beverage cooling.
  • Organize and store literally anything anywhere (that's right, even outside in the rain).
  • Design both country and city landscapes with large outdoor planter troughs and classic antique metal wash tubs.

who dosen't love old fashioned metal tubs? Galvanized tubs for old time baths, washing pigs, DIY carnival games, thoughtful gift baskets, festive celebration, seasonal porch decoration, kid room organization, getting crafty, making rustic table centerpieces, or as unintentional barn decorations. This line of old-fashioned galvanized wash tubs was carefully hand-picked for beauty and function by our small team in Virginia. * Galvanized steel is steel with a layer or portion of zinc coating applied that prevents rusting.

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Oval Tubs

1 Gallon Oval Tub
5 standard drinks
centerpiece pail information

2.25 Gallon Oval Tub
15 standard drinks

2 Gallon Oval Tub
14 standard drinks

3.7 Gallon Oval Tub
21 standard drinks

4 Gallon Oval Tub
21 standard drinks

5.5 Gallon Oval Tub
24 standard drinks

7.5 Gallon Oval Tub
30 standard drinks

10.5 Gallon Oval Tub
40 standard drinks

16 Gallon Oval Tub
50 standard drinks

Round Metal Tubs

9 Gallon Round Tub
30 standard drinks

11 Gallon Round Tub
39 standard drinks

11 Gallon Round Tub
39 standard drinks
View Round Metal Tubs in 14 Solid Colors >

15 Gallon Round Tub
49 standard drinks

17 Gallon Round Tub
57 standard drinks

17 Gallon Galvanized Tub
57 standard drinks

Large Square Tub

1 Bushel Harvest Tub

Beverage Tubs and Planter Tubs

Oval Beverage Tub
15 standard drinks
Tall Oval Tub
7 standard drinks

Galvanized Ice Tub
13 standard drinks

Rustic Tub Planter
10 standard drinks

Farm Wedding Tub
6 standard drinks

Rustic Beverage Tub
11 standard drinks

Round Copper Tubs
14 standard drinks
7 standard drinks
centerpiece pail information

Antique Bronze Beverage Tub

2 Gallon Copper Tub
24 standard drinks
Small Metal Tub for Plants
9 standard drinks
Small Metal Tub Gift Basket
3 standard drinks
Small Metal Tub for Plants
7 standard drinks

Round Centerpiece Pails
Short and Tall
centerpiece pail information

Buckets with color and more


Galvanized Tubs: Frequently Asked Questions

Determining galvanized tub drink bottle capacity.

Tub beverage capacity is the maximum amount of standing bottles (flat on the tub's bottom). With peanuts or ice (and placing the drinks more randomly) you'll have room for more than the number of "standing bottles," especially in the larger sizes. Use beverage holding capacities as baseline numbers.

What size are the blue beverage bottles shown in each bucket?

Two size bottles were selected to illustrate bucket size. The smaller blue bottle (12.7 ounces) demonstrates a regular size beverage. The larger blue bottle (26 ounces) represents a standard wine bottle.

Are these buckets watertight?

If the container was not designed to hold water it will state this in the product’s information. Some metal buckets and tubs feature clear plastic liners that hold water, which is also stated on our product pages. If the bucket has been “sealed” to ensure watertightness, it holds water. Most of our other metal buckets do hold water, but are not guaranteed to do so throughout their very long lifetime, as damage to these buckets first disrupts the zinc coating giving it the ability to hold water.

White Rust and Wet Storage Stain: Care

The condition or symptom of hot dipped galvanized metal being exposed to weathering elements is known as white rust. White rust happens in instances when a galvanized container is left outside, or is stored in a closely packed, damp or poorly ventilated manner. White rust is a normal characteristic of aged galvanized metal representative of their environment.

Under normal conditions the zinc surface will react with the surrounding air forming a thin, hard protective layer, known as “white rust”. Whenever white rust is found on galvanized materials, it usually is not found is a significant amount to dangerous to the zinc coating. White rust appears with time and weathering but if the galvanized coating is damaged, it can be problematic. Damage to the zinc coating is unlikely, even when outside in temperate regions, throughout the bucket’s or tub’s lifetime.

White rust does not indicate one should worry about the zinc coating or the lifespan of your galvanized metal bucket or tub. If the product has a black color, the zinc coating has been compromised one should consider replacing the product, or have the item re-galvanized.

You can avoid damaging white rust by storing your galvanized bucket or tub or trough to ensure the surface receives adequate airflow, can’t retain water and can dry properly (if water may be present).

Are buckets available in wholesale and bulk quantities?

All of our galvanized buckets are available in single, case pack, wholesale and pallet quantities. Call our friendly customer service in Virginia for information and pricing on wholesale and pallet quantities.

Monday - Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm EST

How to make a planter from galvanized tubs and troughs?

Galvanized Metal Planters - Galvanized tubs make tough, long-lasting planters. Large planters make a big impact with little comparative work. Turn inexpensive galvanized metal tubs into planters by drilling several holes in the bottom and putting a layer of gravel before adding your soil and plants. As long as your tub or trough is hot-dipped galvanized (with a spangled pattern) the zinc will cover exposed steel and your holes won’t rust. Otherwise, seal out corrosion with adding a thin coat of clear or silver nail polish. Rocks and gravel provide better drainage than just soil.



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