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Galvanized Buckets
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Dimensions (inches):
 HeightHeight with HandleTop DiameterBottom Diameter
Galvanized 4 1/2 7 1/4 5 3/8 4
Hot Dipped 4 3/8 7 1/8 5 1/2 4

These Galvanized Metal Buckets may arrive with small scratches and blemishes due to the shiny surface and movement in shipping. We pack these buckets well but some shifting and settling during shipping may occur. A wire reinforced top rim and the rings around the buckets, known as body swedges, increase the strongly built bucket's sturdiness. A rugged strong bucket handle makes handling and filling these buckets easy. An offset bottom keeps pail off the ground and makes pouring easy. Please note: This bucket is manufactured with two different styles of handles. In your order you may receive all of one type of handle or a mix of both handles.

1.25 Quart Galvanized Metal Buckets

It’s our pleasure to introduce our smallest galvanized pails just as tough as all our farm work buckets. Learn what makes our farm work buckets trusted here. 1.25 gallon galvanized metal buckets may be ordered with shiny smooth or hot dipped textured galvanized steel. These buckets won’t rust. When exposed to elements over time, “white rust” forms giving the washed-out antique and weathered galvanized look.

Feed baby chicks inside among their hay or hang goldfish food (that you’re always forgetting to bring) on a tree limb by the small pond outside with confidence. Popular for wedding decorations these silver pails make practical gifts for your guests after the ceremony. Don’t hesitate to arrange your crayons, markers, candies, and socks in organized 1.25 gallon galvanized small bucket fashion. This size pail holds no more than one regular or one wine bottle each.

Select Bucket Style:

Style Galvanized     Item # OboM125

$2.45/each  Qty:  $

Case Pack
60 Pails
Item # OboM125x60c$135.00 

Your order ships from Virginia by UPS to arrive anywhere in the Contiguous United States within one to seven business days of our receiving your order. This item may be shipped to Canada, Alaska, Puerto Rico and Hawaii and arrives within eight to fourteen days.

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