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Galvanized Wash Pans
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Dimensions (inches):
 HeightTop DiameterBottom Diameter
0 3 3/4 12 1/8 9 3/4
1 4 1/2 14 1/8 11 1/4
2 5 1/8 16 1/8 12
3 5 1/4 17 3/8 13 1/4
4 6 1/8 18 14

Galvanized Wash Pans

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Classic galvanized metal wash pans available in five hot-dipped sizes take us back to a time of more simple living before sinks when water was pumped from a well outside the home. Your search for a dog foot washing pan for dirty paws is over. The large circumference and short sides make it easy for your pet (or kids) to walk through before coming inside the house. Read about the quality of our galvanized utility buckets here.

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Size 0     Item # Obowp0

$5.99/each  Qty:  $

Your order ships from Virginia by UPS to arrive anywhere in the Contiguous United States within one to seven business days of our receiving your order. This item may be shipped to Canada, Alaska, Puerto Rico and Hawaii and arrives within eight to fourteen days.

Customer Reviews
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wash tub
Tony Bolin
This is not a wash pan. It is a wash tub

I know you sell plenty to people who don't care.

Posted at 6:03:am 05/22/15
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pracco metal fabrication
To seal your bucket to a galvanized counter top.use a 50/50 solder.
Cut opening1/2" undersize, use dolly and hammer to roll form , 1/4"angle up , match angle of tapered bucket.set bucket in opening,levlel then solder four points to maintain level, then solder contiuously , wash with soap and water to remove all acid residue.
Posted at 10:44:am 02/15/15
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Brenda Smith
Do you know where I could get inserts for the round tubs???
Posted at 1:55:pm 11/17/14
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Sherri Jordan
I was thinking of also using this for sinks in the bathroom - what type of sealant would I need to use and do I put in on the inside or outside of the tub - I assume it would just need to be around the bottom crease right!!
Posted at 7:07:am 02/21/14
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Holds Water, but would seal for long-term-use
oh, what a lovely sink.
Generally, these washtubs are water-tight. If I were doing a sink, I\'d get some clear sealant to seal the cracks to it would last.
Posted at 1:46:pm 01/26/14
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Could this be used in an old country farm house as a bathroom sink?
Posted at 9:36:am 01/26/14
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Great Small Tub
John c.
I have been looking for a short utility tub this one can't be beat. I use it all the time for gardening needs.
Posted at 6:47:am 09/30/12
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